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The video surveillance technology we build into our systems has been installed in more 200,000 systems worldwide, providing a stable platform for continuous advancement of functionality and capabilities. 

We also build upon the most solid and reliable hardware available including Intel Dual Core and Quad Core processors to provide the power and responsiveness demanded from today’s security systems.

The surveillance industry is unique in the amount of storage capacity required due the large size of video images and the number of images recorded per second, 24/7.

Video Surveillance SystemIn addition to the immense hard drive capacities required for video storage, the need to record video non-stop 365 days per year without ever shutting down the system creates a significantly higher level of stress on all components of the SDVR (Surveillance Digital Video Recorder) as compared to almost any conventional computer application where the system isn’t required to run non-stop.

The vast majority of SDVRs use conventional hard drives to store video.  However, conventional hard drives are not designed to operate 24/7 with duty cycles as high as 95% writes as is the norm for video surveillance applications.  Such stress creates higher than average failure rates as compared to conventional data storage/retrieval applications.  Reliability is of utmost importance in the video surveillance industry.

This is why CCI Security Systems builds its systems utilizing the most recently developed technology of Purpose-Built SDVR drives.

Purpose-Built SDVR drives are designed specifically to address the high demands of digital video surveillance applications for improved reliability.  Purpose-Built SDVR drives utilize intelligent power management capabilities to reduce power consumption and minimize the destructive effects of heat on computer components.  Purpose-Built SDVR drives also optimize video read/write reliability, reducing the probability of lost video due to drive failure.  Additionally, Purpose-Built SDVR drives have an advantage over standard drives—they support the simultaneous recording of multiple video streams.

The higher storage capacities of these drives, 500-GB, 750-GB, and 1,000-GB also means that fewer drives are needed, reducing stress on the system’s power supply and reducing heat created by the need to use multiple smaller conventional drives. A totally separate drive houses the operating system and surveillance software.

CCI Security Systems also builds its systems using computer cases which provide maximum air flow to reduce the deteriorating effects of heat on computer components caused by continuous operation.  Systems are available in Micro ATX Desktop, ATX Mid Tower, and ATX Full Tower cases.  All of our SDVRs utilize dual high capacity cooling fans to provide maximum protection against component failure. The result is improved reliability of your security system.


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