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Retail Solutions – POS Transaction Video Data Base to Control Loss

Controls shrinkage at point of sale by providing instant video retrieval of each POS transaction

The optional Data Capture device connects the POS system with the video surveillance system, storing each POS entry with the corresponding video of the event into a Microsoft Access database.  Every POS journal entry becomes available for instant video review.  Any POS journal description can also be instantly searched with video playback of the transaction.

For example, you can perform video playback on cash sales, no sales, voids, credit card numbers, cigarettes, and specific liquor item as described on the POS journal.

Simply select the date and time period for which you want to do a video transaction search.  Then enter the journal description for which you are searching.  The illustration here shows a video transaction search on “cash”.  You will notice when the search begins each cash transaction for the time period specified is immediately displayed.  To view the corresponding video transaction simply click on the specific transaction you want to review.

Video transaction searches can be done both locally and remotely, giving you far greater control of your cash and inventory.


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