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If you are relying solely upon monitored alarm security you have a major security gap.

  • FACT  When your security alarm sounds intrusion has already begun.
  • FACT  Your alarm security provides no visual identity of an intruder.
  • FACT  By the time law enforcement arrives the intruder is generally nowhere to be found.
  • FACT  Because you have no visual evidence there will probably never be an arrest.
  • FACT  Alarm security tells you nothing about the safety of the environment around your home – it only tells you when a sensor has been activated and with only a 5 percent level of accuracy (95% of alarms are false).

Our digital video surveillance cameras SEE what your alarm security will never know, closing your security gap.

Your new CCI video surveillance system records visual activity of your property 24/7, 365 days a year, providing you with a digital eye witness account of events which can be recalled for detailed viewing in seconds for any camera location.

View live and recorded activity of your home from any remote location with the powerful webcam via broadband Internet service or from your Web-enabled smart phone.

Visually verify activities such as:

  • Who was (or is) at the front door at 3:00 a.m.?
  • What caused the damage outside the house?
  • Who was that walking across our back yard?
  • When did the kids get home?
  • Is someone really peeking in our windows at night?
  • How and when did the tools disappear from the garage?
  • How is our baby sitter doing?
  • How did the accident really occur?
  • How are the kids getting along in the back yard?




Actual Video

Wide Range of Home Solutions:

CCI Security Systems provides a wide range of affordable solutions to meet virtually any need, from surveillance digital video recording systems to camera systems.

No Monthly Fees:

We charge no monthly monitoring fees or service fees; the system belongs to you. You have total control of the confidentiality of video recorded at your premises. There is no monitoring company involved who can view video from your cameras. Remote viewing is protected by password authorization.

Complete Installation:

CCI Security Systems provides complete installation for all of our systems including cable installation, camera mounting, power connections and programming of the digital video recording system to best fit your specific needs.

Call (573) 634-6002 for a no-cost evaluation of your security needs.

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