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High Speed Precision Searches for Immediate Answers

Our system performs high speed video searches allowing you to quickly find specific activity in any specific area you choose.

Now you can "target search" within any specified camera area you choose to find specific activity immediately.

In the illustration below, we are looking for a specific recorded event through a parking lot camera.  We want to find video of an event in which a law enforcement officer has entered a specific location of the parking lot by the front door.

How it works:

1. Select “FIND and STOP” to stop the search when activity is detected on the target zone

2. Select the sensitivity level and search speed you desire for the target search

3. Define the TARGET ZONE with your mouse for which you want to search activity.  (You can have as many TARGET ZONES as you desire)

4. Click on the “Search Icon” to begin the target search.

Notice the search begins at 18:50:01.  All played back recorded video from the camera is dramatically accelerated as it searches for activity within the Target Zone we have defined.  At 18:51:17 video stops immediately as the law enforcement officer enters the Target Zone.  We have found the specific event for which we are searching in only 4 seconds.

Some Target Search Applications:

  • Find out instantly who is going through specific doors and entrances
  • Find out in seconds how long someone was gone
  • Find the reason for missing inventory
  • Did Joe ever come in this morning?  When?
  • Check time of incoming and outgoing deliveries

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