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Security encompasses far more than physical safety; it includes the financial safety of your business investment as well.

Major financial loss is seldom a result of a single catastrophic event but rather the result of quietly repeated daily activities that continue unseen for years.  Unchecked, these financially draining activities often escalate, siphoning of more and more of your financial resources.  What we don’t see can hurt us.

Needed: MEGAPIXEL Vision to Manage

CCI Security Systems can provide you with the clearest vision in the industry to help you meet the many challenges you face in managing your business or organization.  MEGAPIXEL VIDEO TECHNOLOGY has dramatically improved the video surveillance industry by providing exceptional image clarity, greatly enhancing identity.  Our systems provide outstanding high definition video quality and are simple and time-efficient to use.  Now you can clearly see trends as they develop, enabling you to take a proactive approach to management.

Your Desktop and Phone Become a Live Audio/Visual Information Management Center

Your office or home desktop becomes a visual information center from where you can view and hear activity live throughout your business/organization with CCI Security’s video/audio surveillance management systems.  We provide cost effective solutions for any size business, ranging from a 4-camera/1-audio port system to a 32-camera/32-audio port system.

Instant Retrieval of Events with a Simple Click of Your Mouse

Video/audio events can be searched instantly with a click of your mouse, providing timely evidence necessary to make wise management decisions.

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High Speed Precision Searches for Immediate Answers

Our system performs high speed video searches allowing you to quickly find specific activity in any camera area you choose without having to search hours of video.  When did the police enter the parking lot?

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Remote Viewing and Listening

Remote view capability is built into the system’s powerful webcam, allowing live remote viewing with audio via broadband internet service or smart phone (no audio on smart phones).

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Retail Solutions – POS Transaction Video Database to Control Loss

Control shrinkage at point of sale by providing instant video retrieval of each POS transaction with text overlay and video transaction database.

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Proven Technology

The video surveillance technology we utilize has been installed in more 250,000 systems worldwide, providing a stable platform for continuous advancement of functionality and capabilities.  Our GV series system is number one selling Microsoft Windows based video surveillance system worldwide.

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Free Consultation

Call CCI Security Systems for a no-cost consultation regarding your specific needs: (573) 634-6002

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Versatility to Accommodate Your Immediate and Future Needs Simultaneously

CCI Security Systems provides a wide range of solutions to meet virtually any need, no matter how small or large including:

IP NVR Megapixel Systems using Cat5 cable structure.

HD-SDI Megapixel Systems using your existing coax cable structure.

Conventional Analog Systems which can utilize existing coax cabling structure and cameras.

Hybrid Systems combining NVR/Megapixel technology and Analog technology allowing you to use existing analog cameras plus IP Megapixel cameras.

Affordable Pricing Plans for the Small Business

Our goal is to provide the most effective and cost-efficient video security system for your particular needs by combining the most appropriate technologies (or blend of technologies) for your particular needs.

Wide Range of Camera Solutions

CCI Security Systems provides complete installation of our systems including all cabling, camera/NVR/DVR programming, installation, and training.

Local On-site Service and Customer Support

CCI Security Systems provides local on-site support for the entire mid-Missouri area.

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